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Now that Microsoft Ignite is over and I have had a chance to catch up with some of the information. I thought I would post a list of what’s new and updated in Hyper-V 2016. Most of this has me excited for what Microsoft is doing and I will be going into more depth on most of the features in blog posts to come. In the meantime, if you want to read up on any of the features below, click here to read more on Technet.

  • Compatible with Connected Standby (new)
  • Discrete device assignment (new)
  • Host resource protection (new)
  • Hot add and remove for network adapters and memory (new)
  • Hyper-V Manager improvements (updated)
  • Integration services delivered through Windows Update (updated)
  • Linux Secure Boot (new)
  • More memory and processors for generation 2 virtual machines and Hyper-V hosts (updated)
  • Nested virtualization (new)
  • Networking features (new)
  • Production checkpoints (new)
  • Rolling Hyper-V Cluster upgrade (new)
  • Shared virtual hard disks (updated)
  • Shielded virtual machines (new)
  • Start order priority for clustered virtual machines (new)
  • Storage quality of service (QoS) (updated)
  • Virtual machine configuration file format (updated)
  • Virtual machine configuration version (updated)
  • Windows Containers (new)
  • Windows PowerShell Direct (new)
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