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In this article, I am going to walk through how to purchase and manage domains and hostnames from within Azure to be used with Azure.

Purchase and manage domains for your Azure Services

In the below steps, I will show you how to purchase and manage domain names from within Azure. I will also explain about the Privacy Protection option Azure includes for free.

Log in to your Azure Subscription by going to

Click the green + and then Search for Domain

Click App Service Domain (preview)

Click Create

Enter a domain name you would like to use. Azure will then search to see if it is available. (You do not have to enter a fully qualified domain name.)

Select the Domain you would like to use.

Select the Subscription you would like to associate this domain name with.

You can either create a new Resource Group or use an Existing

Click on Contact Information a new blade will pop out. Fill in all of the Required fields and then click OK

Click Privacy Protection a new blade will pop out. Either Enable or Disable the privacy protection per domain you are registering and then click OK

Privacy Protection or sometimes referred to as WHOIS Protection hides your personal information you have just entered in the previous step.

Click Legal Terms. Read through the terms and then click Accept

Click Create

After a while, your new domain will be registered.

Domain Management

Navigate to More Services scroll down to Other and click App Service Domain

Select the domain you want to manage

Subdomain / DNS Zone Management

Click DNS zone

Here you will be able to view your DNS Zone including Name server details and DNS records.

To add a new DNS record click on Record Set

Enter the DNS record Name and select the record Type you want to use from the drop down list.

Enter the TTL and select the TTL unit

Depending on what Record type depends on the last field. In this example I am using CName So I have filled in an Alias field.

Click OK

You will now see the new DNS Record

Auto Renew

In App Service Domains click on Domain renewal

Here you can enable or disable Auto renewal. Manually renew your domain if it is performed up to 90 days before expiration.


You have 5 days from purchase date to cancel your Domain Name purchase. This can be done in the App Service Domains Blade Just click on Cancel Purchase

In the popup window click Yes if you want to cancel the purchase.

And that’s it. I hope this post has helped. Any issues please leave a comment.

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